Enter the short code or phone number of the offending text message to find out more about the sender.

List of all documentented Text Message Programs
68511 Text Message Program Details
Name: Hottest IQ Quiz and Alerts Subscription
Description: Hottest IQ Quiz and text alerts subscription for $6.99/mo.
Phone: 1-800-584-2863
Rate: Premium
66128 Text Message Program Details
Name: MLB Player Vote
Description: MLB player voting and alerts.
Phone: 1-866-800-1275
Rate: Standard
65579 Text Message Program Details
Name: Charlotte Russe Alerts
Description: Charlotte Russe clothing text alerts.
Phone: 1-866-401-0129
Rate: Standard
645343 Text Message Program Details
Name: NIKE ID Alerts
Description: NIKE ID text alerts.
Phone: 1-800-806-6453
Rate: Standard
645244 Text Message Program Details
Name: Digital Rocket OILCHG Alerts
Description: Branded concept whereby multiple franchised service centers can deliver instant coupons (offers) for oil changes and other related car repairs.
Rate: Standard
64219 Text Message Program Details
Name: Recipe and Cooking Tips Alerts Subscription
Description: Recipe and Cooking Tips text alerts subscription. $19.99/mo for unlimited alerts or $6.99/mo for 2 alerts/mo.
Phone: 1-888-292-5471
Rate: Premium
639225 Text Message Program Details
Name: New Balance Text Alerts
Description: New Balance refer a friend text alerts to receive product information.
Phone: 1-877-869-8883
Rate: Standard
636363 Text Message Program Details
Name: Mobile Expense Tracker
Description: "With the Mobile Cash Expense Tracker, users will be able to easily capture their cash expenditures, via a mobile device, and view them later on a web
Phone: 1-800-811-8766
Rate: Standard
63389 Text Message Program Details
Name: dload Alerts subscriptions
Description: Dload offers current events and popular news Alerts subscriptions.
Rate: Standard
63278 Text Message Program Details
Name: NearU Consumer Search Alerts by Stochasto
Description: "NearU Consumer Search Alerts is a mobile marketing service for precisely targeted communication with a small business best customers and prospects. U
Rate: Standard
62889 Text Message Program Details
Name: AnheuserBusch Natty Dread Mobile Alerts
Description: Text alerts of concert tour dates and special CD releases.
Phone: 1-866-251-1200
Rate: Standard
627548 Text Message Program Details
Name: InMarkit Social Shopping Service
Description: InMarkit Social Shopping Service text alerts.
Phone: 1-800-280-9604
Rate: Standard
62809 Text Message Program Details
Name: Bokufun Alerts Subscription
Description: Bokufun Alerts monthly subscription from $5.00/mo to $29.99/mo.
Phone: 1-866-865-1173
Rate: Premium
62638 Text Message Program Details
Name: M&T Bank Text Alerts
Description: M&T Bank mobile banking text alerts
Phone: 1-800-724-2440
Rate: Standard
62645 Text Message Program Details
Name: DeNA Global Mobamingle Alerts
Description: Mobamingle is an Avatar based social network with non-SMS non-premium games and fun! Mobamingle would like to offer standard rate subscription alerts
Rate: Standard
624748 Text Message Program Details
Name: The Ns Channel Finder
Description: Users text into the program and receive a message directing them to a web site with a tool to find their new channel number. The user will then enter
Phone: 1-888-836-7258
Rate: Standard
61592 Text Message Program Details
Name: MLB Player Vote
Description: MLB player voting and alerts.
Phone: 1-866-800-1275
Rate: Standard
61381 Text Message Program Details
Name: Justxt.us Chat Subscription
Description: Justxt.us text chat subscription for $9.99/mo.
Phone: 1-888-666-3220
Rate: Premium
61588 Text Message Program Details
Name: Studio Coors Light ESPN
Description: Voting and polling from Coors Light
Phone: 1-800-642-6116
Rate: Standard
61266 Text Message Program Details
Name: Unlimited-SMS.net Alerts Subscription
Description: Unlimited-SMS.net news and entertainment text alerts subscription for $6.99/mo.
Phone: 1-888-853-2703
Rate: Premium
List of all documentented Text Message Programs

Latest Comments

32075 / 320-75

2014-01-31 14:12:44

I received three texts with in 10 minutes, all roughly the same, "Your activation PIN is xxxxx. This PIN will expire in 30 minutes."

08067430070 / 0-806-743-0070

2014-01-31 13:15:45

Reset my password and send me a message

I received a message from both of the above numbers and the first message from 1210100001 was "shirley said 4 me to give this 2 u". And the message from 1210100002 was "www.bit.ly/Lib0VR". I now that I just did my taxes on "Taxact" the day before, so I hope this person didn't hack into their website to get my tax information.

9365 / 936-5

2014-01-31 12:00:40

Doesn't let me text it back


2014-01-31 09:47:18

why is this happening

4792020861 / 479-202-0861

2014-01-31 09:17:57

did reply


2014-01-31 09:16:46


3234517447 / 323-451-7447

2014-01-31 09:02:13

Threatening text stating "I know where you live".

07429567216 / 0-742-956-7216

2014-01-31 08:10:31

Opt out stop

34820 / 348-20

2014-01-31 07:45:20

shows on bill since april when first started in april have replied stop but still happening

0877973796 / 087-797-3796

2014-01-31 07:04:23

.zk n;la'dnsSC NS

03323598980 / 0-332-359-8980

2014-01-31 05:40:06



2014-01-31 02:36:06


741741 / 741-741

2014-01-31 02:27:30

Got msgs from dosomething. Tried to get them to stop. Now I'm getting msgs from this number too. Can't get them to stop. Very annoying texts.

8652791237 / 865-279-1237

2014-01-31 00:23:18



2014-01-31 00:17:04

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3108798156 / 310-879-8156

2014-01-30 21:36:55

"yahoo alert safety is our priority"

3054205695 / 305-420-5695

2014-01-30 21:31:27

smi ONE card issue(this was all the message) not calling this number

8285571 / 828-5571

2014-01-30 21:26:23

urgent notification call:828 459 6051.. not calling this number

6847 / 684-7

2014-01-30 20:42:15

AT&T Free Msg: Great news - this # is now eligible for a smartphone upgrade w/$0 down on AT&T Next! Go to att.com/nextupgrade Send stop to end mktg msgs.

8178973478 / 817-897-3478

2014-01-30 17:39:07

Received call from (817) 897-3478 @ 11:34PM on 1/29/2014. Did not answer

8327862396 / 832-786-2396

2014-01-30 17:01:19

Says from Verizon. That I won a bill credit, but have to enter username, password and last four of social security. Seems fishy

5704067776 / 570-406-7776

2014-01-30 16:58:03

Sexual picture and comments this is the second time.I sent them a message to never send this again as I am an elderly woman.

70497555 / 70497555

2014-01-30 16:35:09

Who is this from

7342195856 / 734-219-5856

2014-01-30 15:53:50

They are sending harassing messages to my child

2196176862 / 219-617-6862

2014-01-30 15:49:57

On dating sites tharpboy tharpboy69 ( appeared to be someone he's not !! Caution lady's and men too ,

18013492784 / 1-801-349-2784

2014-01-30 15:13:09

(441858-xxxx) AchieveAccountFrozen Call:18013492784


2014-01-30 15:05:31

My son and I, who both have cell phone numbers one number different got the text msg at the same time. We knew it was a scam so neither replied. Idiots.

14075642279 / 1-407-564-2279

2014-01-30 14:51:05

did not offer


2014-01-30 14:19:08

([smiONE])Important Notification. Call:828 459 6061

Definitely not calling. Can't possibly be safe